Toilet Repair and Installation

Many issues can cause a toilet to stop working from not flushing because of a clogged pipe to leaking out on the floor. It’s important to maintain your toilet at all times and know when the time to replace an old toilet is, if you are not sure we can help you with both and everything in between.

We also provide handicapped toilet installation. Some details we would need is if the toilet is to be round or elongated. And whether the toilet is to be gravity fed or pressure assisted.


Providing affordable solutions for our local community here in Bakersfield, Ca. Additionally, we service: Arvin, Lamont, Wasco, Delano, Shafter, and Tehachapi.

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For over one hundred years we have serviced our Bakersfield community with plumbing services in Residential and Commercial areas. Our plumbing specialists are the best in Bakersfield who are licensed and experienced in finding the right solution for you.

Why Toilet Repair Is Important

Having a toilet that is not functioning well can be a costly situation paying for problems from water damage to water leaking out on the floor. No one wants to pay for something that could have been prevented is why we say it is important to maintain your toilet on a regular basis. You want to make sure your toilet is working correctly and do periodic checks.

How We Help

Our experts can help identify your toilet problems big or small, if the toilet cannot be fixed we can install a new one. 

Finding out what is causing your toilet to not function properly can be complicated and stressful. That’s why you should contact a professional to take the complication and stress away from you. We can send the best plumbers in Bakersfield to help solve your problem with your toilet.

Service FAQ's

Most frequently answered questions to our Toilet Installation and Repair if you cannot find your answers please feel free to call us. We are available for service calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All you need are a few hours, a helper and the right tools and toilet parts for the job.

The leak is usually caused when the seal under the toilet fails.

On average, most toilet replacements cost between $200 and $400 as a general rule.