Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Getting your water heater check up periodically can help mitigate problems before they get worse that can lead to water heater replacement. 

Having a water heater that is not working properly can lead to not having access to hot water for cleaning dishes, taking a bath or a shower. This can be an inconvenient problem. Signs that you need a water heater repair include: no hot water, leaking tank, or rusty water.

Knowing when to have a water heater replaced has some indicators that usually show themselves such as temperature fluctuations and strange or loud noises coming from the water heater.

We also offer tankless water heater installation and repair. 


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Why Water Heater Repair Is Important

Getting your water heater maintenance can help with identifying problems before they become bigger and costly. 

We can help identify if you will need a water heater repair from your water heater leaking to repairing a water heater that had a pipe burst. Fixing water heater pipe leaks is something we have done many times and have the experience to help you resolve your water heater problem.

How We Help

Next time you need your water heater maintained, repaired, or replaced, make sure to contact a professional to take the complication and stress away from you having to figure out what is causing issues with your water heater. We can send the best plumbers in Bakersfield to help solve your water heater problem. We are the best water heater repair in Bakersfield.

Service FAQ's

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The national average cost to repair a water heater is $587. The typical range for repairs is $220 and $956, though homeowners have spent as little as $100 and as much as $1,300.

It is probably best to call a plumber to help you out. Just remember, if there is water somewhere there shouldn’t be, call Bakersfield Plumbing Co for fast service.

Water heaters last between eight and ten years. While ten is the age at which heater replacement is generally recommended, the actual need to replace a heater could happen anytime in between.