What Can Happen If You Pour Grease Down Your Drains

When it comes to kitchen waste, one common question we get at Bakersfield Plumbing Company is, “Can you dump grease down your drain?” The answer is a resounding no. Dumping grease down your drain is a recipe for disaster, and here’s why.

The Hidden Dangers of Grease

Grease may seem harmless when it’s hot and liquid, but as it cools, it solidifies. This can cause a host of problems in your plumbing system:

  1. Clogged Drains: Once grease solidifies, it sticks to the insides of your pipes, trapping other debris and gradually forming stubborn clogs. These clogs can reduce water flow, leading to slow drains and eventually complete blockages.
  2. Sewer Backups: In more severe cases, grease can cause blockages in the main sewer line. This can lead to sewage backups in your home, creating a health hazard and requiring costly emergency plumbing services.
  3. Expensive Repairs: Grease clogs can damage your pipes over time. The pressure from trapped grease and debris can cause cracks and leaks, necessitating expensive repairs or even pipe replacement.

The Environmental Impact

Pouring grease down the drain doesn’t just affect your plumbing; it also has environmental consequences:

  1. Water Contamination: When grease enters the sewer system, it can contaminate local water sources. This contamination can harm aquatic life and disrupt local ecosystems.
  2. Increased Maintenance Costs: Municipalities spend significant resources clearing grease blockages from public sewer systems. These costs are often passed on to homeowners in the form of higher utility bills.

Best Practices for Grease Disposal

To avoid these issues, follow these best practices for grease disposal:

  1. Cool and Contain: Allow grease to cool and solidify in a container, such as an empty can or jar. Once it’s solid, you can dispose of it in the trash.
  2. Wipe Before Washing: Before washing greasy pots, pans, and dishes, wipe them down with a paper towel to remove excess grease. Dispose of the paper towel in the trash.
  3. Use Strainers: Install a strainer in your sink to catch food particles and other debris that can mix with grease and contribute to clogs.

Trust the Experts at Bakersfield Plumbing Company

If you suspect you have a grease clog or any other plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to contact Bakersfield Plumbing Company. We’ve been serving Bakersfield, CA, and Kern County since 1910, providing top-notch plumbing services to our community. Our experienced plumbers are equipped to handle everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs.

Remember, keeping grease out of your drains is a simple but crucial step in maintaining a healthy plumbing system. By following these guidelines, you can avoid costly repairs and contribute to a cleaner environment.

For more plumbing tips and expert advice, stay tuned to the Bakersfield Plumbing Company blog. Your trusted local plumbers are here to help keep your home running smoothly.